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Walking in the Cupa Valley

valle della cupa panorama

Around Novoli, where our enchanting Tenuta is located, and throughout the Cupa Valley, one of the most interesting and fascinating places of the Apulian hinterland, it is possible to meet numerous ancient villas and small houses among the vineyards. Since the fifteenth century, the Aristocratic families came here to spend some days of vacation, to enjoy the suggestive countryside landscapes and good air.

"Cupa" in the Salento dialect means sunken, the Valley extends indeed within a depression: an area of ​​fertile land, perfect to explore along it by car or bike, meeting also numerous dry stone walls, very typical of the area.

Throughout the Valley you can find several places of interest: between San Pietro in Lama and Lequile there are numerous villas, country houses and rural churches; around Carmiano you can visit votive aedicules and churches; near Squinzano there are masserie and farms, but also centuries-old olive trees, magnificent maritime pines and big mulberry trees.

Furthermore, around S. Cesario there are small houses, villas and gardens with beautiful cypresses and maritime pines, interspersed with votive niches; Trepuzzi is waiting to welcome you with its boundless olive groves and the beautiful oak grove. In San Donato instead, it is possible to walk among suggestive menhirs and pagghiare, the traditional rural properties built by farmers with boulders recovered from the tillage of the land.

Finally, we can not forget the stunning villas on the road that leads from San Pietro in Lama to Monteroni.


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