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Apetizer - Apulian Taralli

apulian taralli

You can always find taralli on the table of any proper Apulian family: they are perfect for the traditional italian aperitif, for a quick snack during the day, but also to eat with vegetables and salads!


Difficulty Level: Medium

Preparation Time: 60 min


Cooking Time: 50 min


Servings: 60 pieces                                             




00 Flour 500 gr

White wine 200 gr

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 120 gr

Salt 10 gr




Mix flour, salt and oil in a bowl until you get a crumb mixture.

Add wine, mix and transfer the mixture to the pastry board, kneading it by hand for at least ten minutes.

Shape small pieces of dough with fingertips, to form small cylinders 1 cm thick and 12 cm long, then join the tips to obtain little bagels.

Place taralli on a sheet of baking paper and boil water in a pot.

Now dip a few taralli at a time in the pot and, as soon as they rise to the surface, drain them with a skimming ladle, then place them on a cloth tray lined.

Let taralli rest for several hours, even for a whole night, and then put them in the oven, using a tray lined with baking paper, at 190 ° static mode for about 40 minutes.


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